Firefox Bookmarks Sorter [Firefox Extension]

Hello everyone 🙂

I found a cool new Firefox extension which helps in sorting the Firefox bookmarks. It’s called SortPlaces and it can be found here.

Here’s a post from GHacks which explains all the stuff’s of this extension.

The main thing is that this extension is experimental, so you need to register on the Firefox addons website to be able to download it, but it’s worh it if you have tons of bookmarks (like me 😛 ) and if you don’t want to sort each of them manually.

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Firefox 3 Tweaks

Hello everyone 🙂

I have decided to keep the home page of this blog clean and use snippets instead of displaying full posts. I hope this won’t effect the things much…ok then…off to the post. Enjoy 🙂

Here are some of my firefox tweaks that I use. These include both ‘about:config’ tweaks AND ‘usercrome.css’ tweaks. Enjoy 🙂

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Best Firefox Extensions

Hello, everyone, its been a long time since I posted something (almost two months). So, as you all know Firefox 3 is out (been quite a while, I know ;)), here is a list of extensions I use on Firefox 3, and according to me they are the best…so…that’s why the title 😉 and btw…I love firefox, and so I love to customize it to my needs…here’s the list, enjoy 🙂 Continue reading

Make Windows XP Look Good ;)

I know I know you ppl are fed up of ‘Transformation Packs’ for Windows XP that turn makes it look like Vista. But honestly I never got a good WinXP transformation pack that doesn’t screw things up. I always had to re-install XP after these packs.

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Apply Windows XP themes in WINE

Alright. So you got your favorite windows program running on your favorite linux distro. But what’s that you say, the GUI is the lamest you’ve ever seen. And this makes you thing “Man, I was better off with Windows” hey hey hey, Don’t go there my friend. I think the WINE developers thought this early and added support for Windows XP’s themes.So how do I get about installing the theme?

OK then, if you want to install the themes. Then follow my guidance 🙂

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