Undernet IRC Network Blocked In India…

NOTE: This is a sticky and it will remain on the top until this issue has been resolved (or, if I change my mind 😛 ). Please scroll down for new posts.

Update: I’ve made a forum to discuss this topic further, so people can interactively share information about this here. Also, please note that you need to register to view the more ‘appropriate’ content of the forum, so please do so. If you’re not someone from the govt. then you’ll probably find the post in the forums *wink* 😉

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed that Undernet has been blocked by most of the Indian ISP’s. This post confirms it and the comment by anand has also confirmed that the Indian government has blocked Undernet. It’s time for some serious action people, we can’t just keep quiet, it’s a violation of our rights. I’ve added a poll, so please vote and tell your ideas in the comments 🙂

PS: I also request everyone to Stumble and Digg this post in order to spread awareness to all other people of the world. There is also a Google Group that has been created about this issue, visit it here.

Hello eveyone 🙂

Recently, there was an issue with me that I couldn’t access Undernet. It always gave an error while connecting and said ‘Connection Timed Out’. I thought it was just me and so I re-installed mIRC (the client I use) and checked everything but still the same error. Then, after a bit of searching and stuff I came to the conclusion that it was my ISP that was the problem.

I sent an email to them and I am still awaiting a reply…

BTW, Undernet is one of the largest IRC networks and by far the best (imho). You can connect to Undernet by using your IRC client and connecting to ‘irc.undernet.org’.


I posted a request to confirm from other ‘Hathway’ (my ISP) users at the India Brodband Forum

and I got a reply from an ‘Airtel’ user (lenkite) that he has been experiencing the same problem. And a post at the Undernet forums made it clear that all the people from India are experiencing this problem. But currently, only ‘Hathway’ and ‘Airtel’ users have confirmed this problem. Other ISP’s are yet to be confirmed.

lenkite, on his blog has also posted about this problem.

The question which arises through all of this is that whether Undernet has been blocked on purpose by all of India’s ISP’s or not. And if that’s true, then WHY? Why in the world have they blocked Undernet? That’s a complete violation of our rights and we will stand against it.

Just like Blogger.com was blocked sometime back in India, that raised many voices, now Undernet has been blocked (maybe on purpose, still to be confirmed). This is a complete restriction on our right to free speech and we will stand against it.

I’ll keep you posted on this…so stay tuned.

If anyone wishes to help or wants to learn more, then feel free to contact me 🙂

– gastly


32 Responses

  1. Hey Gastly,

    Currently am on Airtel Broadband here in Ahmedabad. Please let me know if you find some solution to this. I have complained everywhere, but no solution to this problem. It is very strange that all undernet traffic is blocked for us.


  2. hi Prom,
    Yes people from all over India are facing this problem, mostly Airtel and Hathway users, some BSNL people have also confirmed this. Currently, the only solution is to go through a proxy server, but that’s abuse according to Undernet hehe 😉 .

    Looks like have to complaint straight to DoT (Department Of Telecom), but they require some proof that you’ve complained to the ISP’s, I’m looking to file a complaint there, but I’m not at all good at this legal stuff lol. But I will surely look into it, till then, best of luck, I hope this goes away soon and we’re able to access Undernet normally 🙂

    – gastly

  3. I am a bsnl dataone user. I also can not access undernet from this connection. I also have access to airtel connection and situation is same as of today there also. If any one has figured out how to complain to these ISP’s i don’t mind adding my complaint also to the list.

  4. @nageshsk

    You need to file a complaint to your ISP and get a complaint number as a proof of your complaint. And if they don’t help then we can go straight to the Department Of Telecom to complaint about this issue 🙂
    To be honest I’m also confused about this thing, I’m not much into these legal stuff and all that, but still I’m trying and from help from you guys, probably we will get success 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

    – gastly

  5. Hey guys, I’m a Sify broadband user and I’ve been facing this problem for sometime like everybody else. I really should’ve left a confirmation before, but guess I forgot. 😛

    Btw, I also have a Tata Indicom USB modem and it works fine for undernet. So I have to go get my modem whenever I want to go hunting for shit… 😦

    I’ve tried BSNL, and it doesn’t connect to undernet either. I was using mibbit from my desktop at first but some… ehm. “sharing” channels… have banned it, so…

    Anyway, I guess the Indicom users are laughing. But this IS a violation of our rights, since we are entitled to connect to any site we want, unless connecting to them is illegal (oh, /damn/… 😛 ). The ISPs are screwing us. D:

    Let’s hope this issue gets resolved soon, so I can go and peacefully set up my irc downloads at my desktop for weeks. Ah, bliss. 😀

  6. @Deep:

    hmm…yeah, the Tata Indicom people ARE laughing lol, but they have other reasons to cry about, like no connection and poor customer support lol.
    Anyways, thanks for informing us that Sify also has the same problem 🙂
    And, btw, this issue won’t be resolved unless we all complaint to out ISP’s about this issue. That will wake them up, maybe I’ll try and threaten them about implementing RTI on them or going to the consumer court lolol.

    Lets just keep our fingers crossed 🙂

    PS: Using Undernet isn’t illegal, its for IRC (chatting), not file sharing (well, for most it isn’t lol *winks*)

    Cheers 🙂

    – gastly

  7. airtel user and i am also not able to connect.contacted airtel senior manager and they said that it is out of their hands as the govt has blocked it.he told me to file a RTI to dept of IT.I dont use irc but i am angered that this is a violation of network neutrality.i urge all irc users to file a RTI to dept of telocom and alaso write to media sfr some news coverage.They have blocked it secretly and we want to know why.

    ps: can anyone confirm from tata indicom and reliance.

  8. From what I see here , there`s a big shit happening in there. It seems that NOT all ISP’s have been blocked , only the huge ones . So the sollution to this is : get a connection from a small neighbourhood provider , it`s the best sollution . Government can NOT block something for all ISP`s . They just send their requirements to ISP’s and the ISP’s have nothing else to do but to accept them . I doubt that they have sent to everyone , so get a small connection dude .

    Deep shit is happening there , I don`t like it .

    Good luck !

  9. @anand:
    Well, actually, Tata Indicom users do not have this problem…it’s a bit strange eh? I don’t know about Reliance Users tho. And yes I agree, we all should file a RTI to the department of Telecom and see what it says.

    y0 dude, yeah I know that small ISP’s may not have this problem, but still, its a real big deal here when changing ISP’s as not all of the ISP’s offer reasonable pricing or features etc. So, maybe all of us will file a RTI complaint…prolly they’ll respond…lol
    And btw, thanks for the comment 😉

  10. Yes, we should go ahead with a complaint.

    Somebody find out the procedure.

    Something we all should agree on. No variations.

    1. WHO to complain to?
    2. What to write in the complaint.
    3. What action precedes the written complaint.

  11. @fauxpass:
    Well, we should complaint to the Department Of Telecom, since they are the ‘mastermind’ behind this. And as for the contents of the complaint, I’m not much of a legal writer…so I have no idea, lol. We have a google group on this and probably we should post any suggestions there 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

    – gastly

  12. I use MTNL unlimited and it CANNOT access undernet.org irc service.

  13. There are two options for all complaints
    a) Check the procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervise on & accountability under the RTI (RIght to Information Act)
    b) File a public grievance first with the service provider and then with the DOT

    More information around RTI (http://www.dot.gov.in/rti/rti.htm) and for filing public grievance (http://www.dot.gov.in/pgcell.htm)

    For RTI – an application need to be made along with an application fee of Rs 10/- with a request to provide information relating to the procedure followed in the decision making process

    For all the complaints you need to go through the following three levels before placing a complaint with the DOT

    (a) Call Centre of concerned Service Provider
    (b) Nodal Officer of concerned Service Provider and
    (c) Appellate Authority within the company of Service Provider
    In case the grievance is not redressed after exhausting all the above three levels of the concerned Service Provider, the complainant may approach Public Grievance Cell of Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Sanchar Bhawan, 20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110 001 along with documentary evidence for non-redressal of their grievance at concerned Service Provider level (can also be done through their website http://www.pgportal.gov.in)

    Please keep updating any new information you may get.

  14. Thanks for this detailed info, AP 🙂

  15. HI gastly,

    there’s only one working undernet server for us now. What next

  16. Not able to connect to eu.undernet.org, us.undernet.org, or zagreb.hr, oslo.no and elsene.be servers from Dataone connection.
    BSNL does not seem to provide any email link for complaining.

  17. Oslo2.no server is down, Montreal server is refusing connection. What next? There is no access now.

    • yup Vikram, I can’t connect to it either…I guess, we should all complaint together to our ISP’s…I’ve already complaint twice, but they just ignore it…I don’t really know what to do now, maybe you guys should complaint also…what else can we do, file an RTI complaint, that’s what we should do, it’s the only thing left to do I guess…

  18. Maybe oslo2.no is down? Is there a way to check? Its not responding to pings. Montreal refuses connection, though it is alive.

    • yes, I think it is down, though there’s no way to check. Maybe I can tell some of my friends from outside to connect to it and see. I tried the montreal one too, dunno why it’s refusing connection; Maybe coz all Indian’s are connected to that one lol.

      But I’ll check and get back to you…

  19. hey gastly, i want to send you email. what email address should i use?

  20. I made a post on the undernet forums, asking if oslo2 is down or not…see here: http://forum.undernet.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10928

  21. **Removed by author** is letting me connect to undernet now. Hope Oslo and Motreal also come on track soon.

    • thanks alot for the info Sanjeev! 🙂
      But, I’m sorry, but we can’t post that name publicly…as Vikram said, the govt. folks are on the lookout for such stuff. 🙂

  22. maybe not a good idea to mention **Removed** openly, better to discuss only thru private email. Govt people can see too, on the internet.

    Gastly, good idea to delete sanjeev’s comment?

  23. Gastly,
    Remove server name from my comment too! Remove all talk of a working server!! Including this comment of mine. 🙂

  24. Alright guys, I’ve made a forum to go with this post, so we all can share our information ‘confidentially’, without worrying about some govt. folk stealing it.

    I’ve updated the post, please find the link in the original post above 🙂

  25. Hi,

    I am from Delhi and a Airtel DSL subscriber.. I am able to connect to Undernet .. it seems only 1 server is responding..

    [Admin: Server address removed, sorry. Since they’ve been blocking all the servers that appear to work, I’ll remove all references to the working servers from the comments as well as my posts]

    try it if you want to..

  26. Read more…


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