New IRC Network On The Block ;) : WalkNet

Hi all,

Its been a long time since I wrote something, as you all should know by now that I’m an IRC addict 😛 , that’s why my couple of previous posts were about IRC. But this website is in no way all about IRC , its about everything computer related hehe (read the title!).

OK, so this post is about a new IRC network (If you don’t know what IRC is, then read this. And read my previous posts on connecting to IRC and chatting and stuff, here. An advanced tutorial about IRC can be found here.)

OK, enough talk about previous tutorials and stuff. Here we go:

WalkNet is a new IRC network, like Undernet, DalNet, QuakeNet etc.

“Walknet IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Network was created as a new alternative in chatting. A stable and friendly place so users can join in and talk together and forge new friendships.”

WalkNet uses ircu (Undernet’s IRC daemon) and so its VERY similar to Undernet. It uses the bot ‘W’ instead of ‘X’ but the functionality is same (as I have noticed).

It has some advantages over Undernet, as for registering a channel, you only need 4 people (unlike on Undernet, where you need 10). So its pretty easy to get started there. The admins are really helpful and…they DO listen to people’s opinions in how to improve their network.

Here’s the official list of servers they have.

But the main thing about WalkNet is that, it doesn’t have too many users connecting to it (I hope the no. of users will increase after reading this :)). But this sort of thing happens to all new networks. But let me tell you something, this network will grow into a biggie one day…and I’m damn sure of it!

So guys (and gals), please help make this network grow, it has the potential and all it needs if you people connecting to it and just having fun. I’m not asking for you to pay or something, just connect to this network, create channels, tell your friends about it, and make it a big one like Undernet, DalNet etc.

See you all 🙂

Have fun on WalkNet 🙂

PS: Let me know what you think of this new network in the comments.

Cheers 🙂


2 Responses

  1. You never told me you’re blogging and digging as well . Guess who`s gonna get punished for that , hehe 😉 Nice one , I used to have a blog similar to this but quit it a long time ago 🙂

    Good luck , notice me when you have something new ,i like this stuff and you know it ….


    PS : We are NOT addicted to IRC … We’re just dedicated to it 😉

  2. True…we’re dedicated addicts eh? lol 😉
    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you like it 🙂
    Stay tuned for more to come 😉
    – gastly

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