IRC Tutorial

Hello! hehe I was offline for some time and gosh things changed hehehe. Ok So I have written a tutorial on IRC while I was offline, I hope it will be helpful to you. It has two parts (both included in the archive) Part – 1 teaches the beginners of IRC and part -2 has some advanced stuff. Please read both the parts so that you fully understand what IRC is and what you can do with it 😉 . I hope you will like it, and please ask for permission if you want to reproduce the article in any way.

I hope you’ll fine it useful. Here’s the download link: Click here to download the file

PS: The archive is in RAR format, so you need 7Zip or WinRAR to open it.

Any suggestions or comments are always welcome! 🙂

Thanks all 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hi there, over at The Underground we are looking at implementing some kind of IRC tutorial in the future.

    May we reference yours?

    Also, I love how you got this digg icon. How do I implement that on my own posts?

  2. Yes of course you can reference my tutorial. But please give a credit to me as it took me quite a lot of time in writing it. And thanks for reading the tutorial 🙂

    btw…you can add the digg icon by just using the code: [digg=http:/{your-digg-url}]

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