Apply Windows XP themes in WINE

Alright. So you got your favorite windows program running on your favorite linux distro. But what’s that you say, the GUI is the lamest you’ve ever seen. And this makes you thing “Man, I was better off with Windows” hey hey hey, Don’t go there my friend. I think the WINE developers thought this early and added support for Windows XP’s themes.So how do I get about installing the theme?

OK then, if you want to install the themes. Then follow my guidance 🙂

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Run mIRC in (K)Ubuntu

Yeah yeah… you must be wondering why run mIRC on (K)Ubuntu when it has got free and Open Source client like X-Chat,Gaim,BX etc… But I’ve heard that people that are new to Linux are generally used to mIRC’s interface and it takes time to switch to some other client, but there’s another reason too. If you’ve paid for mIRC and are thinking to switch to Linux then….bummer….gone is the money you’ve spent on mIRC ’cause its not available for Linux. So I thought why not give mIRC a try on wine in Ubuntu (Since I’ve only got Ubuntu on my comp. and most new Linux users use Ubuntu).

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Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog. This blog contains all the tips and tricks that will make your computer secure on the internet. It also contains many tutorials to let newbies do stuff that are a bit difficult for them to do. So read on and happy reading I hope you’ll learn something here :-)!