Blog Moved

Hello people, I wanted a bit more flexibility, so I moved this blog here: (soon, I will get a domain name for it, preferable (I’m a cheapskate 😛 )) so please update all your bookmarks 🙂

I’ve already done a couple of posts there, I hope you’ll like them 🙂
And yeah, this blog is going to be there, don’t worry, but just for archival purposes, the new blog will have it all 🙂
So please support the new blog as you supported this one…any suggestions are always welcome! 😀

I run this blog to help people and you guys deserve an applause!! Thanks for supporting me!! :))

See you at my new home 🙂

Undernet IRC Network Blocked In India…

NOTE: This is a sticky and it will remain on the top until this issue has been resolved (or, if I change my mind 😛 ). Please scroll down for new posts.

Update: I’ve made a forum to discuss this topic further, so people can interactively share information about this here. Also, please note that you need to register to view the more ‘appropriate’ content of the forum, so please do so. If you’re not someone from the govt. then you’ll probably find the post in the forums *wink* 😉

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed that Undernet has been blocked by most of the Indian ISP’s. This post confirms it and the comment by anand has also confirmed that the Indian government has blocked Undernet. It’s time for some serious action people, we can’t just keep quiet, it’s a violation of our rights. I’ve added a poll, so please vote and tell your ideas in the comments 🙂

PS: I also request everyone to Stumble and Digg this post in order to spread awareness to all other people of the world. There is also a Google Group that has been created about this issue, visit it here.

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UrlbarExt [Firefox Extension]

UrlbarExt is an extension for firefox (all OS’s), which adds lots of useful functionality to the Firefox’s ‘Awesome bar’.

It adds buttons to the Awesome bar to do simple tasks – like copying a url to the clipboard – with just a click of a button. This not only saves time, it adds makes things more produtive.

The feature that I personally like about UrlbarExt is it’s feature of making Tinyurl at just a click of a button! Cool eh? 😉

This addon is also featured on one of my favorite lifehacking blogs LifeHacker.

So, download this addon and make your life more easier (at least when using firefox :p ).



UrlbarExt on LifeHacker

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mIRC Scripting Guide

Hello everyone!
First of all, a very happy new year to you and your loved ones 😀

I’m back with a new guide, this time, an mIRC scripting guide, that I was making when I was offline a month back.
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Merry Christmas

Hello everyone, finally I’m back from my vacations (from the blogging world), I had exams and so I had to study more, than think of posting new content on my blogs hehe. And now, ’cause I’m back online, I’ll try to write more often and post new cool articles, so stay tuned!

And oh yeah…A Very Happy Christmas, from yours truly 😉

Here’s a tip for you guys, you can send free online e-cards from

That site is awesome and also doesn’t spam it’s users xD

So, have fun everyone, enjoy the christmas eve and keep smiling 🙂

– gastly

Best Firefox Theme (IMHO) [Firefox Theme]

Hi everyone 🙂

I first shared to you some Firefox 3 Tweaks, Best Firefox Extensions etc. and now, I would like to tell you the theme that I use for my Firefox.

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Firefox Bookmarks Sorter [Firefox Extension]

Hello everyone 🙂

I found a cool new Firefox extension which helps in sorting the Firefox bookmarks. It’s called SortPlaces and it can be found here.

Here’s a post from GHacks which explains all the stuff’s of this extension.

The main thing is that this extension is experimental, so you need to register on the Firefox addons website to be able to download it, but it’s worh it if you have tons of bookmarks (like me 😛 ) and if you don’t want to sort each of them manually.

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Google’s Birthday…

Hello everyone, most of you know that today is Google’s big day, hehe, Google has completed it’s 10th birthday and it has made a remarkable journey in these ten years. From bringing Gmail to changing its logo from time-to-time 😉 hehe. You can view Google’s timeline, which tells what google has achieved in all these years.

Happy Birthday Google and may you reach new heights in the years to come 🙂